KUTOOK Autumn Pad Full Finger Bike Gloves Finger Tip with Touch Screen Function


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* This full finger bike gloves is made of high elastic lycra and knitted mesh fabric, comfortable to wear and keeps wind outside, suitable for spring fall and early winter cycling

* Extra padding with 5mm gel cycling gloves at palm part, non-slip silicone, super shock absorption, also can relieve pain and fatigue, guaranteeing men or women cyclers' riding more relaxed and easy

* The fabric of this bicycle gloves fingers inside part is terry cloth, helps to easily wipe sweat, durable and functional

* Profile hook and loop fastener at wrist part, can adjust the tightness freely and give you the best fit

* Inbike long finger gloves index finger tip has touch screen function, convenient to play smart phones without taking gloves off.

The advantage of wearing bike gloves when riding:

1. Relieve hand fatigue. You know we will hold the bike grip all the time when riding. The ulna nerve is over stretch so that our hands will feel numb even pain. But if there is a buffer at palm rear position, it can relieve this situation.

2. Increase anti-slip effect. Sweating is unavoidable issue, so the hand will be slipped on the grip. Gloves can increase the anti-slip effect.

3. Protect your hand well when fall from bike. People will support their body with hands subconsciously when fall from bike. Gloves will protect your hands well under this circumstance. It's for sure we take account of above factors. The gel pads at rear position of palm and Palm joint Epoxy design, both are helpful to anti-slip and shock-proof.Little holes at palm is good for breathing. Index finger tip touch screen function allow cyclist operating their phones when riding. Palm back mesh cloth , anti-sweat. Finger joint split design makes fingers bend flexibly.